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epoxy glue meaning

Synonyms of "epoxy glue""epoxy glue" in a sentence
  • BPS is also used as an anticorrosive agent in epoxy glues.
  • Today, epoxy glues and glue guns are used for a quick set.
  • Install the new rack end with epoxy glue, or thin-set mortar.
  • Fans who filled America West Arena for the three playoff games bonded like epoxy glue.
  • Usually epoxy glue requires high temperature curing ( at about 80-100 �C ).
  • Epoxy glue takes much efforts to mix.
  • An epoxy glue is injected, which permeates the cracks to strengthen and reinforce the walls.
  • Try gluing the urns back together with epoxy glue, the two-part glue that you mix together.
  • The Pre-Cast segments are joined together using high strength epoxy glue with nominal pre-stressing initially.
  • Its use has declined since the 1990s due to the ease of use and versatility of epoxy glues and fillers.
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