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  • [Medicine]
    Cytoplasmic vesicles formed when COATED VESICLES shed their CLATHRIN coat. Endosomes internalize macromolecules bound by receptors on the cell surface. n : a conspicuous body other than a chromatin granule that occurs within the nuclear membrane of a vesicular protozoan nucleus and is either a karyosome or a nucleolus


  • This fuses with a late endosome containing the endocytosed, degraded proteins.
  • It is a component of the endosome-associated transcriptional control activity.
  • At first, autophagosomes fuse with endosomes or endosome-derived vesicles.
  • The FYVE domain has been connected to vacuolar protein sorting and endosome function.
  • Early acidification of the endosome is thought to release components from the virus core.
  • The endosome then creates an acidic environment to " digest " the virus.
  • After endocytosis, the complexes are subjected to the acidic conditions of the cellular endosome.
  • This signals the cell to internalize the toxin within an endosome via receptor-mediated endocytosis.
  • This protein may play a role in trans-Golgi network-to-endosome transport.
  • Immunodepletion of rabaptin-5 from cytosol strongly inhibits Rab5-dependent early endosome membrane fusion.
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