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enamor meaning

Synonyms of "enamor""enamor" in a sentence
  • Her beauty enamor, ed the prince
  • Neither experience would enamor him of the Puritans.
  • Heather, brokenheartedly, states she must have subconsciously used her telepathy to enamor Marlo.
  • In August 2015, she recorded the duet, " Mientras Me Enamors " with Mexican singer, Lalo Brito.
  • In doing so, he enamors Yaeko to Kensei, which in turn convinces Kensei that becoming the legend might be beneficial.
  • He added that he was now prodding the younger man to follow in his footsteps and take up the game that so enamors the power elite : golf.
  • Thugboy's admiration for Emp is so great that usually an entire chapter in every volume of the Empowered series is devoted to the various aspects of his enamor.
  • Bailey did not enamor himself to Greene and Boldon after downgrading Greene's victory at the world championships in Greece last year and questioning his fast times early this year.
  • He considered the radio play a dramatic, theatrical hoax and, because of his childhood scare, felt it added to his skepticism about alien invasions rather than enamor him to the idea of it.
  • Audrey Varella ( Louise Bourgoin ), a beautiful local TV weather girl, who is highly promiscuous, and whose previous lovers include Christophe, enamors Beauvois, hoping to make a better life with him.
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