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emaciations meaning

"emaciations" in a sentence
  • [Medicine]
    Clinical manifestation of excessive leanness usually caused by disease or a lack of nutrition.
  • He was reduced almost to emaciation
  • Tcm term nearly equivalent to diabetes . characterized by frequent urination, excessive thirst a / or hunger, and possibly emaciation
  • Three patients died within 10 years after onset with two died by suicide and one died from emaciation ( 18 . 7 kg)
  • Or Emaciation, as with Frederick Delius, his contemporary.
  • The pelicans have been treated mostly for dehydration and emaciation.
  • In a fully developed stage, the patient shows emaciation and anaemia.
  • When chewed the drug can lead to hallucinations, emaciation, and impotence.
  • Any reductive over-simplification of life results in the emaciation of literature.
  • Emaciation and lowered growth rates may result from this.
  • Retroperitoneal tumors may present themselves with signs of weight loss and emaciation and abdominal pain.
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