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elgin marbles meaning

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  • Noun: Elgin Marbles
    1. A collection of classical Greek marble sculptures and fragments of architecture created by Phidias; chiefly from the Parthenon in Athens

    Type of: statuary

    Encyclopedia: Elgin Marbles


  • Amongst its more notable acquisitions were the rosetta stone and the infamous elgin marbles
  • This being Greece, an obvious example is the Elgin marbles.
  • It's the same with the Elgin Marbles in London.
  • The Elgin Marbles are on exhibit at the British Museum.
  • They are now commonly referred to as the Elgin Marbles.
  • For example, the continuing controversy over the Elgin marbles.
  • Many of the original Elgin Marbles are in the British Museum in London.
  • Venizelos and the ambassador also discussed possible future sites for the Elgin Marbles.
  • You give us back the Elgin Marbles, we give you back your pigeons.
  • Chunks of the wall itself, like the Elgin marbles, have entered museums.
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