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elfland meaning

"elfland" in a sentence
  • noun
      The land of the elves or fairies
  • An hour in elfland : a clamour half heard
  • With his operatic The King of Elfland's Daughter ".
  • ;Chapter 6 : He says they are in Elfland.
  • In some cases, the boundary between Elfland and more ordinary lands is not fixed.
  • He is best known for his 1924 fantasy novel " The King of Elfland's Daughter ".
  • The queen instructs Thomas not to speak to others in Elfland, and leave her to do all the talking.
  • Seeing that she is unhappy, the King of Elfland uses a powerful magic to engulf the land of Erl.
  • The name " Queen of Elfland " is mentioned for her only in a later ballad ( version A ).
  • Some 19th-century archaeologists thought they had found underground rooms in the Orkney islands resembling the Elfland in Childe Rowland.
  • In Norse mythology, Elfland ( Alfheim ) was also the name of what today is the Swedish province of Bohusl�n.
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