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elevator gear meaning

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Noun: elevator    'elu`veytu(r) Lifting device consisting of a platform or cage that is raised and lowered mechanically in a vertical shaft in order to move people from on...
Verb: gear    gir [N. Amer], giu(r) [Brit] Set the level or character of - pitch Noun: gear    gir [N. Amer], giu(r) [Brit] A toothed wheel that engage...
gear to
be geared to sth/sb • be geared towards sth/sb to be organized or designed in a way that is suitable for a particular purpose, situation, or type of person: ▪ At Club 18-30, al...
in gear
Adjective: in gear Having gears engaged "the car is in gear" See also: geared
arm elevator
[Mechanical engineering] "A chain elevator with protruding arms to cradle fixed-shape objects, such as drums or barrels, as they are moved upward."
bucket elevator
[Mechanical engineering] A bucket conveyor operating on a steep incline or vertical path. Also known as elevating conveyor.
elevator boy
Noun: elevator boy    'elu`veytur boy A man employed to operate an elevator - elevator man  [N. Amer], liftman  [Brit] Derived forms: elevator boys Type ...
elevator buffer
[Architecture] See buffer, 2 .
elevator bumper
[Architecture] See bumper, 1 . elevation, 1
elevator car
Noun: elevator car    'elu`veytur kaar Usage: N. Amer Where passengers ride up and down - car  [N. Amer] Derived forms: elevator cars Type of: compartment...
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