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electro meaning

"electro" in a sentence
  • Noun: electro  i'lektrow
    1. An electrotype
    Combining form: electro-
    1. Involving electricity

    Derived forms: electros

    Encyclopedia: Electro

  • Wire electro-discharge machines . techenical requirements
  • The electro-thermal feature of pan-based carbon fiber mat
  • electro slag pressure welding machine for reingforcing steel bar
  • Machine tools-safety-electro discharge machines
  • electro-magnetic pulse jet valve for bag-house filters
  • electro-acoustic transducers, general specifecation for
  • electro-acupuncture effects on eeg, sleep and mood
  • General technical regulations of cathode electro-coating
  • Particular requirements for electro-slag remelting furnaces
  • Talking about the mine mechano-electro equipment management
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