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electric outlet meaning

Synonyms of "electric outlet""electric outlet" in a sentence

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  • Are there electric outlets in all of the rooms
  • Covers for electric outlets
  • Shenzhen fuzel industrial limited is a development, make, sell multi-function combination electric outlet and connect line device of business enterprise
  • Charging : Plug it into any electric outlet ( 110 ).
  • You grab a bunch of cables and find an electric outlet.
  • I mean you couldn't even connect it with an electric outlet.
  • He said he could stand by his electric outlet and feel the wind whistling through.
  • Amenities include access to electric outlets, upon request, 2 large grills and restrooms.
  • The lightweight F29, with built-in handle, plugs into any household electric outlet.
  • Take off an electric outlet cover or switch plate, aim a flashlight into the box.
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