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electric organ meaning

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  • Noun: electric organ
    1. (music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ
      - electronic organ, Hammond organ, organ

    Derived forms: electric organs

    Type of: electronic instrument, electronic musical instrument

    Encyclopedia: Electric organ

  • [Electronics]

  • [Medicine]
    In about 250 species of electric fishes,modified muscle fibers forming disklike multinucleate plates arranged in stacks like batteries in series and embedded in a gelatinous matrix. A large torpedo ray may have half a million plates. Muscles in different parts of the body may be modified,i.e.,the trunk and tail in the electric eel,the hyobranchial apparatus in the electric ray,and extrinsic eye muscles in the stargazers. Powerful electric organs emit pulses in brief bursts several times a second. They serve to stun prey and ward off predators. A large torpedo ray can produce of shock of more than 200 volts,capable of stunning a human. (Storer et al.,General Zoology,6th ed,p672)n : a specialized tract of tissue (as in the electric eel) in which electricity is generated


  • These fish possess electric organs that allow them to produce electricity.
  • This is achieved by discharging an electric organ in the tail.
  • Jordan's band also pioneered the use of the electric organ.
  • Often an electric organ or an electric piano featured as backing harmony.
  • Electric organs and especially keyboards later became widely used in electric blues.
  • In most gymnotiforms, the electric organs are derived from muscle cells.
  • In gymnotiforms, the electric organ discharge may be continuous or pulsed.
  • :I think it's Booker T playing the electric organ.
  • Mechanical organs, automatic piano, electric organs & musical boxes ".
  • In 1936 an electric organ replaced the original pipe organ.
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