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electric needle meaning

"electric needle" in a sentence

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  • [Electronics]
    A needle electrode carrying high-frequency current; it is used in surgery to cut tissue and sear it immediately to prevent bleeding.


  • Third lumbar vertebra transverse process syndrome 60 cases treated by combination of oblique needling with electric needles and twinkling cupping
  • Doctors typically use an electric needle that destroys the residual tumor and controls bleeding.
  • At Horiyoshi's studio in Yokohama, Japan, tattoos are outlined freehand using an electric needle.
  • He was ready to " do some art, " the Wiz said, electric needle poised.
  • And with advancements in electric needle guns and ink quality, tattoo art and its patrons have grown more sophisticated.
  • Using an electric needle cautery that seals tissue as it cuts, Toaff slices through the uterine peritoneum around the tumor.
  • Within, seated in low-walled stalls, patrons are becoming works of art beneath electric needles flourished by Jose and Brady.
  • The family uses a secret mix of ink made from soot and wine, and an electric needle made from two metal door bells.
  • To the buzz of his electric needle, Stankovits drew a picture on Houston's calf : a kneeling angel, followed by a cross and Easter lilies.
  • Over a two-week period, every time someone put us on hold, we merrily whipped out the battery-powered electric needle and set to work jabbing at our forearm.
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