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economic refugee meaning

"economic refugee" in a sentence

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  • n. [c]

    someone who comes to live in another country (i.e. an immigrant) because of poverty and in order to earn money, and not as a political refugee

  • [Finance]
    A person seeking refugee status in another country for purely economic reasons.


  • Economic refugees say life has been good to them in Jordan.
  • They are economic refugees and illegal immigrants _ not political refugees.
  • Large numbers of Albanian economic refugees are currently living in Greece.
  • There is no reason for political and economic refugees to stay.
  • They were branded, rightly or wrongly, as economic refugees.
  • These are not political refugees; they are economic refugees.
  • The majority of these people are economic refugees, plain and simple,
  • Nearly all are economic refugees seeking a better life in the West.
  • The country was very poor and the migrants were actually economic refugees.
  • But tolerance is low for economic refugees, she said.
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