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economic policy meaning

Synonyms of "economic policy""economic policy" in a sentence
  • Noun: economic policy
    1. A government policy for maintaining economic growth and tax revenues

    Derived forms: economic policies

    Type of: policy

    Encyclopedia: Economic policy

  • [Medicine]
    The science of utilization,distribution,and consumption of services and materials.
  • It overturns economic policies.
  • Everyone was passionately concerned with economic policy.
  • I hold that the government economic policies are mistaken.
  • economic policy is liberalized to encourage initiatives in production.
  • I have come to believe that the government economic policy is misguided.
  • The government had to fight off charges that its economic policy was in tatters.
  • It gave our economic policy toward the third world a rational design and a coherent purpose.
  • After attacking the government economic policy, he went on to describe how the labor party would reduce unemployment.
  • It follows that value premises, however carefully disguised, are an integral component both of economic analysis and economic policy.
  • I had ceded my responsibility for foreign economic policy to peter g.peters on, my opposite number in the area of international economics.
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