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earth tremor meaning

Synonyms of "earth tremor""earth tremor" in a sentence
  • List of locally felt earth tremors since 1979
  • Records of felt earth tremors in hong kong
  • During the earth tremor a large piece of rock chopped out of the ground
  • Since 1979, there were altogether 48 locally felt earth tremors
  • An earth tremor shook the theater causing some of the audience to depart while nero continuedsinging
  • This region has experienced geological subsidence, and earth tremors are frequent.
  • No wonder, since predicting earth tremors is far from an exact science.
  • The James Bay Project is subject to earth tremors near the hydroelectric dams.
  • Pot hunters and earth tremors have ravaged the Southern Temple in Petra, Jordan.
  • The outpouring of debris and renewed earth tremors followed a morning of relative calm.
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