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earth science meaning

Synonyms of "earth science""earth science" in a sentence
  • Noun: earth science  urth'sIuns
    1. Any of the sciences that deal with the earth or its parts

    Derived forms: earth sciences

    Type of: natural science

    Encyclopedia: Earth science

  • Mineralogy is a brand of the great earth science geology.
  • The distinction between geophysical and geological branches of earth science is not clear-cut.
  • The use and evaluation of air photographs is a comparatively recent development in earth sciences.
  • Why study earth science or history or algebra
  • Journal of jilin university earth science edition
  • earth science-journal of china university of geosciences
  • Cuhk : : geoinformation and earth sciences
  • Geoinformation and earth sciences how you can help
  • Collections of earth science, geology, minerals, and gems
  • Master of great learning and integrit of earth science, model as man
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