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drafty meaning

Synonyms of "drafty""drafty" in a sentence
  • Adjective: drafty (draftier,draftiest)  draftee
    Usage: N. Amer (=draughty)
    1. Not airtight
      - draughty [Brit, Cdn]

    Derived forms: draftier, draftiest

    See also: draft [N. Amer], leaky

  • [American slang]
    n. a draft beer; beer.
    • How about a cold drafty?
    • Another drafty, Tom?

  • To sustain the illusion that his damp and drafty stone farmhouse in the hills was a golden palace of carnal delights.
  • Big loft, very drafty . i understand
  • It ’ s drafty in this room
  • It's drafty in this room . drafty
  • It's drafty in this room . drafty
  • There we were, in this big old drafty underlit building.
  • Our greenhouse is cold and drafty, very different than Hawaii.
  • FICTION : A drafty room can give your child a cold.
  • Especially in drafty country houses people wore their fur a lot,
  • They end up living in squalor in a drafty London garrett.
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