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draftsmanship meaning

Synonyms of "draftsmanship""draftsmanship" in a sentence
  • His work demonstrates a mastery of design, colour, composition and draftsmanship
  • They prove that humor in art is often inseparable from draftsmanship.
  • His wealth of response is as great as his draftsmanship ."
  • But speed of wit and speed of draftsmanship also have their place.
  • Could it be that our lawmakers erred in their draftsmanship?
  • Bernheimer said, discussing the high quality of the draftsmanship.
  • He learned to write in a handsome script and studied technical draftsmanship.
  • His color and draftsmanship had a profound influence on other California artists.
  • He was also noted for his artistic abilities, including music and draftsmanship.
  • Bunney demonstrated a strong talent for drawing and draftsmanship from an early age.
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