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draftsman meaning

Synonyms of "draftsman""draftsman" in a sentence
  • The draftsman draws well.
  • To give drafting guidance to junior / new draftsman
  • This main draftsman of standard : zhang run gang, yang qiang, zhou zheng, he jing, dai bin
  • The manager will be responsible and have direct management of the quality auditors, draftsmen, etc . required to support the above processes
  • Drafting instructions were issued to the law draftsman in the second half of the year for the preparation of the relevant legislation
  • Later he became a draftsman and delved into serious antique dealing.
  • Our past ( chief executive officer ) started as a draftsman.
  • George was a trainee draftsman for the Northern Ireland Civil Service.
  • Washburn explained to Dennis Warren, a draftsman at the commission.
  • He adjusted the black draftsman's lamp and started quilting.
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