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drafting instrument meaning

Synonyms of "drafting instrument""drafting instrument" in a sentence
  • Noun: drafting instrument
    1. An instrument used by a draftsman in making drawings

    Derived forms: drafting instruments

    Type of: instrument

  • :I've designed entire buildings by drawing them with pens or pencils and drafting instruments.
  • The solution was to stick down a plastic sheet ( Osalid ) that attracted the film more strongly than the drafting instruments.
  • His invention of a drafting instrument for constructing regular polygons and dividing a line into any number of segments was incorporated as a feature of Galileo's geometric and military compass.
  • The "'Keuffel and Esser Co . "', also known as K & E, was a drafting instrument and supplies company founded in 1867 by two German immigrants, William J . D . Keuffel and Herman Esser.
  • In addition to of children with pets or adult musicians with legible sheet music, other works that feature notable accoutrements are " Boy with Sinumbra Lamp " ( private collection ) and " John Totten ", who is shown with drafting instruments.
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