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double bottom meaning

"double bottom" in a sentence

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  • [Economics]
    In chartist analysis, the situation in which the prices of a security fall, then rise, then fall again to the same level, producing a 'W' pattern on a graph. This pattern is thought to indicate that the security has much support at the price at the bottom of the W.


    double top.


    support level.

  • [Finance]
    A term used in technical analysis to refer to the drop of a stock's price, a rebound, and then a drop back to the same level as the original drop.


  • Is the double bottom block built on pin jigs
  • Cellular double bottom to be constructed under cargo holds and engine room
  • Transf . 100t of ballast water from port no . 1 to stbd no . 2 double bottom
  • Cellular double bottom
  • Instead, look for a small double bottom or double top within the congestion where the trend began
  • Some double bottom structures with imperfection are analysed by nonlinear fem, and compared with ideal structure
  • A double bottom was located beneath the ships'engine rooms.
  • This explosion put out all fires and blew out the double bottom.
  • The ship's double bottom ranged from in depth.
  • The double bottoms are also subject to design constraints.
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