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do by meaning

Synonyms of "do by""do by" in a sentence
  • Verb: do by
    1. Interact in a certain way
      - treat, handle

    Derived forms: doing by, does by, did by

    Type of: interact

  • The composer tells the computer what to do by defining the sound.
  • This we can do by means of a marvelous invention called an air trough which gets rid of friction.
  • My advice is disregarded, he still do by himself
  • Get this job do by five o'clock will be a cinch
  • No, no . this is something i have to do by myself
  • What you can do by yourself never be asked for the others
  • Nobody let he to do, he do by himself
  • What am i supposed to do by myself ?-it wasn't an easy decision
  • -what am i supposed to do by myself ?-it wasn't an easy decision
  • The deeds i do by my father's authority speak on my behaif
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