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dinner party meaning

Synonyms of "dinner party""dinner party" in a sentence
  • Noun: dinner party
    1. A party of people assembled to have dinner together
      "guests should never be late to a dinner party"
      - dinner

    Derived forms: dinner parties

    Type of: party

    Encyclopedia: Dinner party

  • We shall give a dinner party for her tomorrow evening.
  • We shall give a dinner party for you tomorrow evening.
  • She has a big dinner party.
  • He is therefore forgiven, if late for a dinner party.
  • She gives dinner parties in style, with the best food and wine.
  • I am giving a dinner party next friday evening; would you like to come?
  • Friends say she used to be a difficult person to invite to a dinner party.
  • I know when i was a bride i used to be all of a tremble when i went to dinner parties.
  • After going to the workshops, we hope you will honor us with your presence at the dinner party tomorrow evening.
  • The prominent personage among the guests at the dinner party i found to be mr. murthwaite.
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