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dinner bell meaning

Synonyms of "dinner bell""dinner bell" in a sentence
  • Noun: dinner bell
    1. A bell rung to announce that dinner has been served

    Derived forms: dinner bells

    Type of: bell

  • Visit the other salons while waiting for the dinner bell
  • You can even have a high-tech dinner bell,
  • And so did the Lady Banksia rose by the dinner bell pole.
  • When his Snowbell beholds Stuart, he hears dinner bells.
  • It is a swarm and it is a dinner bell.
  • So you might just be sounding a dinner bell in your yard.
  • It was like ringing the dinner bell at Tsavo,
  • They also had " Dinner Bell"
  • "We're really ringing the dinner bell for deer,"
  • Tom Bailey rang a dinner bell on his neighboring farm at 11 : 30.
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