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diabolic meaning

Synonyms of "diabolic""diabolic" in a sentence
  • Virag a diabolic rictus of black luminosity contracting his visage, cranes his scraggy neck forward
  • It possesses no grandly iconic heroes or villains of diabolic ambitions.
  • His relentless search leads to something more diabolic than his expectations.
  • The whole story of Slidell's diabolic scheme comes out.
  • In 2001 Anabolic and Diabolic moved their headquarters to Chatsworth.
  • He possesses a diabolic cunning and is an expert fencer.
  • Diabolic would be run and owned by Gregg Alan and Greg Alves.
  • It includes guest appearances from Diabolic, Copywrite and Reain.
  • By holding back, Bernhard gives it diabolic power.
  • Between now and then we must come together to fight this diabolic scheme.
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