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demise meaning

Synonyms of "demise""demise" in a sentence
  • Noun: demise  di'mIz
    1. The time when something ends
      - death, dying
    Verb: demise  di'mIz
    1. Transfer by a lease or by a will

    Derived forms: demised, demises, demising

    Type of: end, ending, transfer

    Part of: life, lifespan, lifetime, life-time

    Encyclopedia: Demise

  • [Law]
    (in land law) 1. vb. To grant a lease.
    2. n. The lease itself.
  • They contribute to the plant's own demise.
  • All this is not to antedate the demise of the empire.
  • September 15 may stand as the date of its demise.
  • demise of the crown formerly caused a dissolution of parliament.
  • The roots of his demise lay much earlier in the golitsin-nossenko feud.
  • Its demise cannot be explained by high administrative and collection costs alone.
  • "the egoist" is the title from 1914 until its demise in 1919 of a london fortnightly review.
  • He went about with hanging head and melancholy face, telling everyone the particulars of the beast's demise in a voice quivering with emotion.
  • That collision caused the demise of the dinosaurs
  • Upon his demise his house passed to his son
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