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delivery price meaning

"delivery price" in a sentence
  • [Finance]
    The price fixed by the clearinghouse at which deliveries on futures are invoiced; also the price at which the futures contract is settled when deliveries are made.
  • That competition drove down delivery prices by 1 . 4 percent in 1996.
  • The Times has been raising newsstand and home-delivery prices for several years.
  • Home delivery prices were last increased in 1996.
  • The company also increased home delivery prices for The Boston Globe late last year.
  • The circulation declines came after The Times raised its newsstand and home-delivery prices.
  • Delivery prices to Bangkok are expected to decline by Bt10 per 100-kilogramme sack.
  • It raised home delivery prices in January.
  • It is also relatively stable in circulation, despite some sharp newsstand and home-delivery price increases.
  • Even then, government delivery prices remained so low that state foodstuff monopolies received only the absolute minimum supply.
  • This year delivery prices for non-state periodicals have increased ( state-controlled outlets are not affected ).
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