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delivery note meaning

"delivery note" in a sentence
  • noun
      A document sent with goods to the customer, detailing the goods and signed on receipt as evidence of their delivery

  • [Business]
    especially BrE) (AmE usually delivery receipt) noun [C]

    (Transport )

    a form that you sign when goods, documents, etc. are delivered:

    Record any shortages on the delivery note before signing it.

    The driver retains a copy of the delivery note.


  • I've brought you the delivery note for the duplicator
  • Gsd unallocated stores requisition and delivery note gf 210
  • Furniture requisition and delivery note
  • Clear up sale contract, finished goods delivery note and l / c
  • Clear up sale contract , finished goods delivery note and l / c
  • Please confirm it and as you didn't give us your delivery note before
  • Customs delivery note
  • Business forms-layout key for trade documents-inquiry, offer, order order change, order response, delivery note and invoice
  • If any problems are detected during the visual inspection or regarding the delivery note, the materials remain in the receipt area
  • Before registering the materials, the person in charge of the store inspects them visually and checks that they tally with the delivery note
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