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delibes meaning

"delibes" in a sentence
  • The music was arranged by Prosper Pascal and L�o Delibes.
  • Claude Delibes said Thursday, calling the experience " very emotional ."
  • The book inspired the 1883 opera " Lakm� " by L�o Delibes.
  • In 1956 his son Juan Delibes was born.
  • Delibes'" Lakme,"
  • In the following year the " Meeting with Miguel Delibes " was held in Madrid.
  • In the year of 1884, he studied composition with L�o Delibes and Gabriel Faur�.
  • L�o Delibes's " Lakm� " appeared during that season as well.
  • Jennifer Brody and Heather Mullin began and ended with duets : ebullient Purcell, languorous Delibes.
  • Delibes'" Lakme " and Handel's " Tamerlano ."
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