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deliberatively meaning

"deliberatively" in a sentence
  • adverb
  • He needs to make far-reaching decisions, deliberatively.
  • We will proceed deliberatively, cautiously and not jump to any conclusions,
  • We will proceed deliberatively, cautiously, and not jump to any conclusions.
  • His habit is to make small but deliberatively provocative edits and then claim innocence.
  • He has come to the conclusion, deliberatively and sincerely, that Badme belongs to Ethiopia.
  • Some analysts suggested Bush's preoccupation with Iraq was enabling North Korea to be deliberatively provocative.
  • :: : RFC / U could discuss patterns of behavior, deliberatively, and can develop a consensus.
  • Instead of building a massive bureaucracy, Barr said, Ridge is moving " deliberatively " to plug holes in the nation's homeland security.
  • "I understand the problem of drawing a line between rough-stuff teasing and sexual harassment, " said Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, " but I don't understand that schools can be allowed to be negligent or deliberatively indifferent " to sexual discrimination or harassment.
  • "Tom is a very careful and deliberative man, " said David Girard-diCarlo, who was chairman of Ridge's campaigns for governor, " and there are times in his past where care and deliberation made those who are impatient feel he is moving too deliberatively and too slow ."
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