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deliberative assembly meaning

"deliberative assembly" in a sentence
  • Noun: deliberative assembly
    1. An assembly of people for the purpose of unhurried consideration and discussion

    Type of: assembly

    Encyclopedia: Deliberative assembly

  • A group that uses the book is called a deliberative assembly.
  • The deliberative assembly of the States of Guernsey ( ) is called the States of Deliberation ( ).
  • A member of a deliberative assembly has the right to attend meetings, make motions, speak in debate, and vote.
  • With the new threshold, approximately 10, 000 additional women were expected become municipal authorities, at least in deliberative assemblies.
  • Key characteristics of the " gana " seem to include a monarch, usually known by the name raja, and a deliberative assembly.
  • Deliberative assemblies of the laity of the Church of England, one for the province of Canterbury, and the other for the province of York.
  • A "'majority of the fixed membership "'is based on the total number of the established fixed membership of the deliberative assembly.
  • The types of deliberative assemblies are a mass meeting, a local assembly of an organized society ( local club or local branch ), a electronic meetings.
  • In business meetings of a deliberative assembly, the items on the agenda are also known as the "'orders of the day " '.
  • Parliamentary procedure requires that any action of a deliberative assembly that may alter the rights of a minority has a supermajority requirement, such as a two-thirds vote.
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