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deleterious meaning

Synonyms of "deleterious""deleterious" in a sentence
  • Adjective: deleterious  `deli'ti(u)reeus
    1. Harmful to living things
      "deleterious chemical additives"
      - hurtful, injurious

    See also: harmful

    Encyclopedia: Deleterious

  • [Medicine]
    adj : harmful often in a subtle or an unexpected way ‹the controversial question as to whether prolonged weightlessness has deleterious effects —The Sciences› ‹deleterious genes›
  • Exactly why the foreign body is so deleterious is not clear.
  • In normal seedlings the deleterious recessive genes are not expressed.
  • The oxides of nitrogen can have deleterious effects on materials, vegetation, and animal and human life.
  • Normally the lysosomes may be protecting the cell from the deleterious effects of such metal ions, by sequestering them.
  • Most plants carry a large "genetic load" for deleterious recessive genes of which a few are homozygous and depress growth.
  • G 、 it is not contained the deleterious substance
  • Estimation of deleterious particles in lubricating grease, method for
  • This food is deleterious to health
  • Ferocious, deleterious traffic accidents inflict irrevocable damages to the eye
  • Standard test method for estimation of deleterious particles in lubricating grease
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