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deadweight loss meaning

"deadweight loss" in a sentence
  • [Finance]
    The costs to society created by an inefficiency in the market.
  • This deadweight loss is a form of economic inefficiency that must be taken into account when policies are designed and implemented
  • These are deadweight losses and decrease a monopolist's profits.
  • The deadweight loss can then be interpreted as the minimum lump sum.
  • With the status quo income tax, deadweight loss exists.
  • Production is also decreased, further decreasing social welfare by creating a deadweight loss.
  • Not enough to knock us back into recession, but a significant deadweight loss ."
  • He considered this exploitation to be deadweight loss, meaning a failure to reach efficiency.
  • Becker's insight was to recognize that deadweight losses put a brake on predation.
  • This includes the gained producer surplus, the deadweight loss, and the tax revenue.
  • This is a net social loss and is called " deadweight loss ".
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