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database meaning

[ 'deitəbeis ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "database""database" in a sentence
  • Noun: database  'deytu`beys
    1. An organized body of related information

    Derived forms: databases

    Type of: info, information

    Encyclopedia: Database

  • [Business]
    AmE also / noun [C]

    (IT )

    an organized set of data that is stored in a computer and can be looked at and used in various ways:

    We maintain a database of all our clients.

    The details of each call are stored in a database.

    We have more than 10 000 CVs on our database.

    ❖ to build/create/establish/set up a database

    ◆ to add to/store sth in/maintain/manage/update/use a database

    ◆ database marketing a client/customer database

    ◆ a central/an online database

  • [Defence]
    Information that is normally structured and indexed for user access and review.
    Databases may exist in the form of physical files (folders, documents, etc.
    ) or formatted automated data processing system data files.
    (JP 2-0)

  • [Electronics]
    1. A computer file containing often-used information (e.g., names and addresses, or electronic part numbers).
    2. A popular form of computer software that allows users to create, maintain, and modify information.

  • [Law]
    n. An organized collection of information held on a computer. Databases are usually protected by copyright in the UK under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and the EU directive 96j9 (implemented by the Copyright and Rights in Databases Regulations 1997). Copyright protects the structure, order, arrangement on the page or screen, and other features of the database in addition to the information in the database itself.

  • [Medicine]
    Work consisting of a structured file of information or a set of logically related data stored and retrieved using computer-based means.

  • [Computer]
    1. <database> One or more large structured sets of persistent data, usually associated with software to update and query the data. A simple database might be a single file containing many records, each of which contains the same set of fields where each field is a certain fixed width.

    A database is one component of a database management system.

    See also ANSI/SPARC Architecture, atomic, blob, data definition language, deductive database, distributed database, fourth generation language, functional database, object-oriented database, relational database.

    2. <hypertext> A collection of nodes managed and stored in one place and all accessible via the same server. Links outside this are "external", and those inside are "internal".

    On the World-Wide Web this is called a website.

    3. All the facts and rules comprising a logic programming program.
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