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dart meaning

[ dɑ:t ]   Pronunciation:
Synonyms of "dart""dart" in a sentence
  • The boy hit the target with his first dart.
  • He would no longer dart about her.
  • Some peculiarity might now dart forth.
  • The old man looked meditatively at the darts board.
  • darts of bright light shot asunder, darkness swept over the center of the lake.
  • Lydia, sobbing with fright, saw thomson dart forward and pick up the shotgun.
  • They go like an ox to the slaughter, till a dart strikes through their liver.
  • dart christened the fossil australopithecus africanus, meaning the "southern african ape".
  • "shoot " and " dart " indicate the sudden rapid movement of a person, an animal or a thing.
  • A bat can dart about in a room filled with crisscrossing wires without ever hitting one.
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