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damage area meaning

"damage area" in a sentence
  • [Defence]
    (*) In naval mine warfare, the plan area around a minesweeper inside which a mine explosion is likely to interrupt operations.
  • Unlike organic coatings small damage area need no touch up
  • Textile fabrics-burning behaviour-the 45 test determination of damaged area and ignition times
  • Textile fabrics . burning behaviour . the 45 test determination of damaged area and ignition times
  • They are using adult stem cells extracted from patients'bone marrow to generate new tissue in damaged areas
  • The seismic design is an important procedure during the tank design, specially for highly seismic damage area
  • Most of the newborn cells die, but some successfully migrate to the damaged area and have been reported to become adult neurons
  • Stuss and shammi's most humorless patients had a damaged area in the frontal lobe known as the medial ventral prefrontal cortex
  • Automatic protect for damaged areas galvanized coatings corrode preferentially to steel, providing cathodic or sacrificial protection to small areas of steel exposed damage
  • Over-seed the damaged areas at the end of August.
  • President Clinton is scheduled to visit some damaged areas on Wednesday.
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