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dacron meaning

"dacron" in a sentence
  • Noun: Dacron  deykrón
    1. A kind of polyester fabric
      - Terylene

    Type of: polyester

    Encyclopedia: Dacron

  • [Medicine]
    Polyester polymers formed from terephthalic acid or its esters and ethylene glycol. They can be formed into tapes,films or pulled into fibers that are pressed into meshes or woven into fabrics.
  • That mixed dacron shirt cost me nine yuan
  • dacron, polyamide fiber staple manufacture, marketing
  • Have you get anything in the way of purple dacron, size36
  • dacron line, thread manufacture, processing
  • dacron stretch yarn manufacturing, processing
  • Have you get anything in the way of purple dacron, size36
  • How about getting me an extrablanket and two dacron pillows
  • Which do you prefer, the linen one, the figured dacron or the brocade
  • dacron polyester fibers
  • Cotton yarn, wool yarn, acrylic fiber yarn, dacron yarn and other blended yarn etc
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