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curtain grouting meaning

"curtain grouting" in a sentence
  • [Architecture]

    The injection of grouting below the surface, so as to create a mass of grout which is oriented transverse to the direction of anticipated water flow.

  • Study of material for curtain grouting in karst tunnel
  • curtain grouting test for replacing seepage prevention wall of stage i soil-rock cofferdam of tgp
  • Drilling technique of vertical curtain grouting in the deep foundation pit in wuhan changjiang square
  • Power intake dam section foundation impervious curtain grouting in the dachaoshan hydropower plant
  • Construction and quality control of curtain grouting in foundation of dam for dalong water control project
  • Design and construction of dam foundation impervious curtain grouting for dachaoshan hydropower station
  • Construction technique of curtain grouting and deep-hole grouting from ground surface used for tianxinshan tunnel
  • This article aims to study and analyze the curtain grouting on rock foundation and puts forward an improved proposal
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