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cross current meaning

"cross current" in a sentence
  • [Electronics]
    A current that flows in the opposite direction from some other current.
  • The stock market was buffetted by a number of cross currents.
  • It was another day of cross currents in the financial markets Monday.
  • The economy continues to be buffeted by strong cross currents,
  • Sometimes they are bound to collide, creating cross currents.
  • Cross Currents Gallery : The Handwoven Home, 86 N . Main St.
  • Right now, there are lots of cross currents.
  • Using paddles, men struggled to steer the crafts through the cross currents.
  • In setting policy, the Fed confronted unusually strong cross currents in the economy.
  • It is important that these cross currents continue.
  • Gordimer responded in an article in Cross Currents.
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