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  • Noun: coronilla
    1. Any of various plants of the genus Coronilla having purple or pink or yellow flowers in long axillary heads or umbels

    Derived forms: coronillas

    Type of: bush, shrub

    Part of: genus Coronilla

    Encyclopedia: Coronilla


  • Rare flowers include forget-me-nots, anemones, gentians, and coronilla elfworts.
  • The caterpillar's food plants are vetches of the genus " Coronilla ".
  • Most of municipality is grassland with a number of elevations such as Coronilla, Sacromonte, Coxtoc�n, Retana and Xoyac�n Mountains.
  • "Coronilla " species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including the case-bearers " Coleophora vicinella ".
  • This site has a series of fourteen tombs arranged along an arroyo which is now dry . "'La Coronilla "'is located in an area called La Experiencia.
  • There are also small hamlets that are inhabited only ocacasionally, like Casa Almunia, Molino L�pez, Molino Villacampa, Molino Jabierre, Sarrati�s, Sarrato, Coronillas, Pelegr�n and Gabardilla.
  • The emperor was mostly not supported by the people of the state and in the following year, French forces were defeated at the La Coronilla Hacienda in Acatl�n by Mexican General Eulogio Parra.
  • She was a blind old woman, who was very brave as she had the courage to fight for her nation's independence ( cerro San Sebastian-Coronilla-close to Cochamba, Bolivia ) on 27 May 1812.
  • The hills include El Huehuent�n ( at 2000 metres ), El Pichacho ( at 1, 700 metres ), and others such as Cerro del Colotepec, Salto Colorado, El Tecolote, El Carrizal, La Coronilla, La Ventana.
  • Bonnie L . Harper-Lore, who put the guidebook together, said, for example, that many states now list crownvetch ( Coronilla varia ) as a " noxious weed, " and some are trying to eradicate it.
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