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coroner meaning

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  • Noun: coroner  kórunu(r)
    1. A public official who investigates by inquest any death not due to natural causes
      - medical examiner

    Derived forms: coroners

    Type of: investigator

    Encyclopedia: Coroner

  • [Law]
    n. An officer of the Crown whose principal function is to investigate deaths suspected of being violent or unnatural. He will do this either by ordering an autopsy or conducting an inquest. The coroner also holds inquests on treasure trove. Coroners are appointed by the Crown from among barristers, solicitors, and qualified medical practitioners of not less than five years' standing.

  • [Medicine]
    Physicians appointed to investigate all cases of sudden or violent death. n : a public officer whose principal duty is to inquire by an inquest into the cause of any death which there is reason to suppose is not due to natural causes


  • The coroner embodies it in an inquisition.
  • The coroner frequents more public-houses than any man alive.
  • And the coroner proceeded to detail their testimony about their accidental meeting of clyde.
  • In the absence of the active and intelligent beadle, the coroner conversed with mr. tulkinghorn.
  • Only those intimately concerned with deaths, such as coroners and registrars of deaths, were able to realise.
  • coroner's putting time of death at just before midnight
  • The county coroner says he died from natural causes
  • The county coroner's office reported yesterday ..
  • The county coroner says he died from natural causes
  • The county coroner says he died from natural causes
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