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coronated meaning

"coronated" in a sentence

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  • or corˈonāted adjective
    1. Crowned
    2. (of shells) having a row of projections round the apex


  • We have a Pitino-esque impulsiveness in coronating players.
  • Most of the included species have coronate inner whorls and outer tubercles only.
  • He marries Rathna and coronates himself as the King.
  • Subsequently, in 606 CE, Harsha was formally coronated as an emperor.
  • Coronate can claim a better pedigree than e-lec-TOR-al.
  • After Lavanasura's death, Rama coronated him as the king of Mathura.
  • The spire is much elevated, acuminated, striate, sometimes obscurely minutely coronated.
  • And that's strange, not because Roberts has been coronated as the favorite.
  • She was coronated in 1953 after her father died on Dec . 5, 1952.
  • He was coronated at St . Francis Xavier Church on the, 2nd of December.
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