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corbeille meaning

"corbeille" in a sentence

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  • noun
      A basket of flowers


  • Aiolos Corbeille de Veil, a man of great capability, claims to be their descendant . . ..
  • The following year, he participated in a concert held at the National Institute of Music, playing the gavotte " Corbeille de fleurs " and the tango " Batuque ."
  • For example, in February 1880, the critic Arnold Mortier resorted to drawing a detailed plan of the set in place of a review of " La Corbeille de mariage ", co-written by Hennequin and Henri Bocage.
  • "I used to do animation; I want to learn how the pros do it, " said Michael Corbeille, a senior art director for a Chicago-based ad agency who is working on ads for McDonald's.
  • Most strikingly of all, in the scenes at the Bourse, a vertical shot from the high ceiling down to the " corbeille " ( dealers'enclosure ) makes the scene resemble the teeming activity of ants; and an automatic camera then creates a dizzying effect as it spirals down towards the floor.
  • From 1839, she was responsible for the importante " chronique de mode " of other magazines for women such as " La Sylphide " ( January 1840  1847 ) and " Paris �l�gant " ( 1845 ), as well as the " chronique litt�raire " of the " La Corbeille de Mariage " ( 1847 1848 ) and the " Journal des Jeunes Personnes ".
  • Il ne s agit cependant pas encore du " yom tov sheni shel galouyot " : lorsque Rabbi Yehouda postula que les deux jours de " Roch Hachana " �taient entach�s de doute quant � leur saintet� et que cela permettait de pr�lever la d�me sur une corbeille de fruits ou d �tablir des " erouvei tehoumin " ( dispositif permettant de se d�placer hors du domaine sabbatique ) lors des deux jours, � les Sages ne furent pas d accord avec lui � car ils consid�raient les deux jours de " Roch Hachana " comme un long jour saint.

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