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corbeau meaning

"corbeau" in a sentence

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  • /kör-bōˈ/
      A blackish-green colour
      ORIGIN: Fr, crow, raven


  • Renee rienne, also known as le corbeau
  • Renee rienne, also known as le corbeau
  • Peter Corbeau later finishes his review of the morning workout.
  • Corbeau is eventually tracked down to his hideout.
  • Corbeau was the first player to play for both the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs.
  • Dusty Rivers helps to turn the tide of the battle and Sergeant Jim arrests Corbeau.
  • In the second, Bert Corbeau scored to put Montreal two goals ahead on the playoff.
  • Comite Regional de Tourisme de Normandie, 14, rue Charles Corbeau, 27000 Evreux, France.
  • At that time, Antoine had a student named Martin Jeanfils, an employee at the Corbeau coal.
  • Corbeau of Montreal was injured but finished the game and continued to play in the series as a substitute.
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