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  • Because there might be some confusion in identifying swallows and swifts, the former family has been added after the Coraciidae.
  • A fossil from Miocene rocks in the Czech Republic was assigned to this family, but more recent analysis disputes the placement and moves the species to the Coraciidae.
  • Family of two of Numididae; three Phasianidae including one extirpated species of crested francolin ( " Francolinus sephaena " ); four of Anatidae; one Podicipedidae; one Phoenicopteridae; two of Ciconiidae; two of Threskiornithidae; 13 of Ardeidae; one Sulidae; one Phalacrocoracidae; one Falconidae; eight Accipitridae; five Rallidae; one Turnicidae; one Burhinidae; one Dromadidae; four Charadriidae; one Rostratulidae; one Jacanidae; six Scolopacidae; five Laridae; ten Columbidae includes two introduced species of laughing dove ( " Spilopelia senegalensis " ) and Namaqua dove ( " Oena capensis " ), and one Pemba green pigeon ( " Treron pembaensis " ), an endemic and vulnerable species; three of family Psittacidae includes two introduced species of rose-ringed parakeet ( " Psittacula krameri " ) and grey-headed lovebird ( " Agapornis canus " ); one Musophagidae with a near-threatened species of Fischer's turaco ( " Tauraco fischeri " ); three of Cuculidae family; one of Tytonidae; three of Strigidae; one of Tytonidae; three of Strigidae including one vulnerable species of Pemba scops owl ( " Otus pembaensis " ); one Caprimulgidae; five Apodidae; one Coliidae of the extirpated species of speckled mousebird ( " Colius striatus " ); one Trogonidae; two Coraciidae; six of Alcedinidae; one of Meropidae; two of Phoeniculidae; two of Picidae; three of Malaconotidae; one of Campephagidae; one of Oriolidae; one of Dicruridae; two of Monarchidae; two of family Corvidae including one introduced species of house crow ( " Corvus splendens " ); four of Hirundinidae; three of Cisticolidae; three of Pycnonotidae; one of genera " incertae sedis "; two of Sylviidae; one of Timaliidae; one of Zosteropidae, Pemba white-eye ( Zosterops vaughani ); three of Sturnidae; one of Turdidae; five of Muscicapidae; seven of Nectariniidae; two of Passeridae; seven of Ploceidae; ten of Estrildidae including one introduced species of blue-breasted cordon-bleu ( " Uraeginthus angolensis " ) and vulnerable and introduced species of Java sparrow ( " Lonchura oryzivora " ); two Viduidae; one Motacillidae; and one Fringillidae.

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