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coprocessors meaning

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  • [Computer]
    Any computer processor which assists the main processor (the "CPU") by performing certain special functions, usually much faster than the main processor could perform them in software. The coprocessor often decodes instructions in parallel with the main processor and executes only those instructions intended for it.

    The most common example is a floating point coprocessor (or "FPU"), others are graphics and networking.


  • It is a revolution to integarte programmability into graphics hardwares, which makes them useful coprocessors for more diverse applications
  • That's because there are more coprocessors out there.
  • In a multiprocessor system, coprocessors could not be shared between CPUs.
  • Coprocessors were available for the Motorola 68000 family, the 68881 and 68882.
  • Until recently, math coprocessors were separate chips.
  • Numerous coprocessors were developed for the Tube.
  • The onboard computers were upgraded with added coprocessors, and Hubble's orbit was boosted.
  • Over time CPUs have tended to grow to absorb the functionality of the most popular coprocessors.
  • Allinea DDT also supports coprocessor architectures such as Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and NVIDIA CUDA GPUs.
  • The secondary processor boards each contained two microprocessors, their floating-point coprocessors and caches.
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