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copland meaning

"copland" in a sentence
  • An older sister taught copland how to play the piano while he attended public high school
  • Bernstein's longtime correspondence with Aaron Copland is especially informative.
  • Of course, in Copland, it will be much smarter.
  • Carter began as an American populist after the model of Copland.
  • Namely, that Copland doesn't match up to NT?
  • The music is steeped in the language of Barber and Copland.
  • Bartok and Stravinsky did this; so did Gershwin and Copland.
  • Kurt Weill was born that year, as was Aaron Copland.
  • AARON COPLAND : The Life and Work of an Uncommon Man.
  • He manages to make even Copland's sex life dull.
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