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contour line meaning

Synonyms of "contour line""contour line" in a sentence
  • Noun: contour line
    1. A line drawn on a map connecting points of equal height
      - contour

    Derived forms: contour lines

    Type of: isometric, isometric line

    Encyclopedia: Contour line

  • [Architecture]

    A line on a map or drawing representing points of equal elevation on the ground.

    contour lines

  • [Defence]
    (*) A line on a map or chart connecting points of equal elevation.
  • There is a close correlation between contour lines and lithology.
  • The outline is taken as that of the contour line defining its base.
  • The indifference curve may be compared with a contour line on a map.
  • Care must be taken to distinguish artistically drawn form lines from accurately surveyed contour lines.
  • Bright areas reveal undeflected or stationary nodal regions while contour lines trace out areas of constant vibrational amplitude.
  • Such contour lines can be drawn for any structural surface, regular or irregular(e. g. bedding planes, faults, unconformities, dykes, veins or intrusions).
  • contour lines recognition from scanned topographic maps
  • Calculation of coal hill volume by using contour line method
  • A preliminary analysis on the contour line to enter into wto
  • On the use of pictures in contour lines in primary school teaching
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