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contortionist meaning

Synonyms of "contortionist""contortionist" in a sentence
  • Noun: contortionist  kun'torshunist
    1. An acrobat able to twist into unusual positions

    Derived forms: contortionists

    See also: contortion

    Type of: acrobat

    Encyclopedia: Contortionist

  • “ about 40 percent of all the students who start training to be a contortionist here quit very soon
  • The fire-eaters, contortionists, they make it creative.
  • But that is increasingly turning into a contortionist's trick.
  • He is shown to be an extremely talented acrobat and contortionist.
  • Pair of pointless redirects to The Contortionist # Studio _ albums.
  • She was a contortionist, one like I have not seen since.
  • These scenes have all the spark and spontaneity of a contortionist act.
  • "It's a contortionist crawl ."
  • Wagner was an aerialist and contortionist, working in numerous traveling circuses.
  • What happens to contortionists'bones as they age?
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