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contortionism meaning

"contortionism" in a sentence
  • noun
  • Exactly what it says : a Web site dedicated to contortionism.
  • News anchors and editors performed linguistic contortionism to avoid using the dreaded T-word.
  • This specific episode was about contortionism.
  • Clinton still hopes, it seems, that contortionism, luck and brinkmanship will do the trick.
  • Alt-tap, the equivalent of the right mouse button, can be an exercise in contortionism, especially for lefthanders.
  • In this show there was a segment on a stripper who added contortionism into her show, as well as lactating and breathing fire.
  • The premise, borrowed from an old Bob Hope movie and countless sitcom episodes, is perfect for Carrey's brand of bad-boy contortionism.
  • Splits are commonly performed in various athletic activities, including dance, figure skating, gymnastics, martial arts, contortionism, synchronized swimming, cheerleading and yoga.
  • Some lawyers and judges view such arguments as legal contortionism and have urged a rethinking of the rights of a pregnant woman to recover for the death of an unborn baby.
  • For an extra-tall guy like me, getting in and out is a strenuous piece of contortionism, and I think it would be the same story for anybody even approaching 6 feet in height.
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