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cone meaning

Synonyms of "cone""cone" in a sentence
  • Mount chomolungma lifts its cone into the clouds.
  • They are portions of a sphere, a torus or a cone.
  • Ring's diameter increases as we move away from the apex of the cone.
  • In the pines squirrels commonly chew off and drop entire cones.
  • Mount muhavura, the first of the volcanoes, is a perfect cone.
  • All these axes may be located with a transit in the exit cone.
  • Make four indentations into the condenser near the standard cone joint.
  • When the lighting level falls below about 1 lux the cones cease to act.
  • The direction of the axis changes gradually so that it traces out a cone in space.
  • Any cone is a third part of the cylinder which has the same base with it and equal height.
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